Expert Vintage and Classic Car Service and Repair in Seattle

Expert Vintage and Classic Car Service and Repair in SeattleFinding someone you can trust to service or repair your prized classic vehicle can be difficult. If you don’t already have a dependable vintage and classic car service and repair shop to work with, you don’t want to take your baby just anywhere. Where do you turn to find the right mechanic to keep your collector car in good condition? The vintage car pros at Crown Hill Automotive understand this dilemma better than any other automotive service and repair shop in the Seattle area. We’ve been helping collectors just like you for over 30 years from the same location in north Seattle’s Crown Hill area. Contact us today and discover the Crown Hill difference. You and your old four-fendered friend will be glad you did!

Service & Repair of All Classic Domestic & British Makes

Owners of classic MG, Triumph, Jaguar, or Land Rover vehicles know how frustrating it can be to find a reliable mechanic who not only knows their vehicle’s systems like the back of his hand, but also has your best interests at heart. Working on these older beauties isn’t something just any mechanic can do. The good news is that Crown Hill Automotive is one of the best vintage and classic car service and repair shops in the country, and we’re right here in Seattle. 30+ years of experience with classic vehicles puts us in a very rare class of mechanics, so whether your older beauty was made in America or Britain, we’ve got you covered!

Modern Maintenance for Vintage Cars

Vintage cars need regular maintenance, but that maintenance is quite different than for contemporary vehicles. Special training and experience is needed to perform tune-ups, chassis lubrication, electrical repair and other system service. We’ve done so many of these jobs on so many older vehicle makes, we could probably do it in our sleep! Even though they’re old technology, our modern repair technologies and tools can help them run better than ever!


Expert Vintage and Classic Car Service and Repair in SeattleThe entire Crown Hill Automotive service and repair team is first class when it comes to expertise and experience. As a fully ASE-certified shop, we’re trained to perform both modern and vintage classic car service and repair on all kinds of vehicles domestic and foreign. You can feel very comfortable leaving both your contemporary driver and your vintage car in our care. When you come back to pick it up, it would smile if it could!

Need Vintage and Classic Car Service and Repair in Seattle?

Our customers find that being able to confidently bring in their vintage American or British car for service and repair is a relief. Our modern, 8-bay shop is set up to service and repair all kinds of vehicles, so if you’re in need of repair or service, call the pros with the equipment, training and experience to get the job done right. Contact us today, and don’t forget to check out our special offers!

Vintage and Classic Car Service and Repair Pros in Seattle

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