Common Winter Auto Repair Procedures in Seattle

Crown Hill Automotive Seattle auto repairWhen the winter weather starts to rear its ugly head, your classic or contemporary car will take the brunt of the abuse. Cold temperatures wreak havoc on your vehicle and you may find yourself needing service. Knowing some of the most common winter auto repair procedures can help you prepare. 

Bad Spark Plugs 

When the weather is cold, your vehicle’s spark plugs corrode much faster. This can result in misfires and other engine issues. Getting your plugs replaced resolves the problem and sets you up for the rest of the winter. 

Frozen Fluid Lines

Below-freezing temperatures can freeze the fluid lines in your car. Things like gasoline and brake fluid freeze and expand, causing breaks in the lines and deterioration. Replacing these lines ensures that the fluid can get where it needs to go so your car functions as it’s supposed to. 

Dead Battery

Old batteries are very sensitive to the cold and will not deliver the right amount of voltage to your car. If you live in an area where the temperature regularly gets below freezing, you may notice that your car has trouble starting. A new battery is a good idea if yours is beginning to show signs of dying in the winter weather. 

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